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De: Winters DayPublicat pe Mar 17, 2019

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10 Comentarii
  • Aileen Mendoza
    Aileen Mendoza4 months agoShe pick a man 300000 times X3 and the guy that he's DATING KISS THE GUY RIGHT INFRONT OF HIS GIRL
  • im trying
    im trying2 weeks ago (edited)This is so confusing
  • Danyla Nash
    Danyla Nash3 weeks ago"I hate you, get out of my life"
  • Midnight star9006
    Midnight star90062 weeks ago (edited)Song:when did i become so cold
  • GacHa DiscIpLe's YT
    GacHa DiscIpLe's YT2 days agoThe conspiracy is true.
  • GalaxyGirlsRule 2244
    GalaxyGirlsRule 22444 months ago (edited)Omg... WHY TF SHE WITH HER EX NOW??? LIKE SHE CAN'T BE SINGLE FOR A Second!!
  • Brady Tomlinson
    Brady Tomlinson6 days agoI have a list of who should be together
  • Sude Soykan
    Sude Soykan2 weeks ago{\_/}
    MÌDÑÍGHT ČRŸŠTÂŁ XØXØ1 week agoAww SO CUTE PLEASE Like mah comment people I’m crying rn MY SHIP WORKED >:3
  • Maria Guerrero
    Maria Guerrero13 hours ago“when did i become so numb” like 1 second ago
  • {Çrÿštåł-Błūę _Y.T}
    {Çrÿštåł-Błūę _Y.T}5 months ago16:52
  • Madeline Espionoza
    Madeline Espionoza3 weeks agowhen i went to meh cousins house Ayleen meh cousin was Asking to muchh Quiestions so i said SHUT UP ALEX! Alex:Shuts up
  • 츄하ॣ *ღ༒Julia༒ღ * ॣ
    츄하ॣ *ღ༒Julia༒ღ * ॣ3 weeks ago (edited). {\__/}
  • Myles Simon
    Myles Simon2 weeks agoGuess I'm still not good enough..
  • The more you didnt know gacha
    The more you didnt know gacha1 week agogAsP
  • Turtaler
    Turtaler4 months agoget stabbed with two swords
  • xXa_ravenNamed_kaTXx
    xXa_ravenNamed_kaTXx3 weeks agoDad: *chases red boi
  • XxSoWatermelonxX
    XxSoWatermelonxX4 hours agoLondon: ~Crawls all the way home~
  • Nt Marcel
    Nt Marcel1 day agoOh and I wove your vids I’m your first fan keep doin what you do
  • Georgiana Bloomfield
    Georgiana Bloomfield23 hours agoYour voices are so beautiful okay I love your music too so much I love you okay
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