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De: 5-Minute FUNPublicat pe Aug 11, 2019

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How weird it would be if adults acted like babies? Hard to imagine? Then watch the video! Subscribe to 5-Minute FUN: https://bit.ly/2Y4PvhD Things babies do that'd be creepy if you did them: 0:14 Playing with a sticky note like a baby 0:29 Drive a table 0:38 To bother people in meetings 0:51 Climb on the table 1:01 Poop in front of other people 1:13 Spreading out food 1:20 Taking brakes for a nap with baby bottles 1:28 Getting upset over little things and overreact 1:46 To drag anything into your mouth 2:00 Play with noisy toys 2:10 Be excited about puddles 2:22 Sleep in weird places 2:48 Take things from other people 2:57 Poop on but not in the toilet 3:30 DON'T GROW UP, IT'S A TRAP ;) It was definitely weird and crazy. So, if you enjoyed the video let us know in the comments! 1:47 Chuck is getting a ride 1:58 Chuck is getting squeezed 2:21 Chuck is sleeping 3:23 Chuck vs. Duck #comedy #fun #babies _______________ Fun videos and relatable facts about life, family, girls, and boys and simply everything. Things that everyone feels, but hardly talk about. Stay tuned – you will definitely enjoy the comedy!

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  • 5-Minute FUN
    5-Minute FUN6 days agoCan you come up with even more crazy topic for the video? Write your ideas here and we will choose the funniest one for a new video.
  • Suman Kumari
    Suman Kumari6 days agoIf girls acted like boys??? Please make a vedio on this one
  • os Neox
    os Neox21 hours agoPlease do a video about boys act like girls plz do this one!
  • baba engineering
    baba engineering1 day agoKiki do u love me ? But i love your channel 💙💙💙
    NAFIS BIN CHOUDHARY6 days agoAnna is the best cute baby girl ever. I want a video twins vs alone baby
  • Eunice Cruz
    Eunice Cruz6 days agoI love so much youre video i love 5 minute fun who love 5 minute fun
  • Gayathri
    Gayathri6 days ago (edited).....
  • aishu usha
    aishu usha3 days agoAnna's act is cute than kiki... kiki also did a good job
  • shaheenisha begum
    shaheenisha begum2 days agoYou can create a vedio how people react when they visit to the measum😋😋
  • Kandy Kane
    Kandy Kane1 day ago-sees adult act like a baby-What's wrong with her..
  • Magnet Sspl
    Magnet Sspl4 hours agoAnna really looks like a kid because she is soo cute 🤣😂
  • Susanta DEY
    Susanta DEY1 day agoSoooo cutu Anna I am big big fan of you 😘 😘 😘... Love you dear
  • Sad Little Thing Called No One
    Sad Little Thing Called No One5 hours agoHow weird would these be in public?
  • 민슈가
    민슈가3 days agoomg this whole video is about aesthetic type „Lollita”😒😂
  • Dr Nisha Verma Panwar
    Dr Nisha Verma Panwar5 days ago (edited)Anna is so cute and beautiful ❤ ❤
  • P & K
    P & K6 days agoAnna is back😘😘😘😘😘☺️☺️☺️love her
  • Bianca Van Oudtshoorn
    Bianca Van Oudtshoorn3 hours agoJust imagine babys being adults 😂
  • Potato King
    Potato King15 hours agoPause and go to
  • Tasty Cookie
    Tasty Cookie1 day agoNAILED IT 👌
  • Tono Bambang
    Tono Bambang3 days agoI love ur Vids and Keep out the Good work!!!
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